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Heat pump grant rises to £7,500

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch from a from a gas boiler, you might have been considering a heat pump an alternative way to heat your

Nov 13, 2023

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In September 2023, the government announced additional help for home-owners looking to switch to a low-carbon heating system, confirming that heat pump grants in England and Wales would rise to £7,500 from, 23 October. In Scotland, home-owners were already able to claim up to £7,500 towards a installing a heat pump.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme has been running since 2022, and home-owners installing heat pumps were able to claim £5,000 towards the cost of an air source heat pump, and £6,000 towards the cost of a ground source heat pump.

However, the grant amount has now increased to £7,500, which can be claimed against either an air source or a ground source heat pump.  You can read more about heat pumps here, and also find out the difference between air source and ground source versions.

To read how to claim, a beginners' guide to heat pumps and the rest of this article from Rightmove visit: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/articles/property-news/boiler-upgrade-scheme-heat-pump-update/